Saturday, 17 November 2012

write it on the skyline

One of my fave quotes from a book ever!

New addiction: Pintrest! I've seen
people tweeting/blogging about it previously and didn't quite get the hype: how could saving pictures be fulfilling? Oh my god haha, I was so wrong! I'm a little bit obsessed now and its such a good way to find inspiration-I'm currently deciding on a tattoo so this is v.helpful! Fun fun fun.

Apologies for not posting in a week or so, been so busy! November was supposed to be my month of boredom/spendthriftyness (?) but all I've done is go out and buy things...bad times! My cousins at Coventry Uni so I've been to visit her a couple of times and Weds night was Carnage which is like a massive student bar crawl thing-such a fun night! They do them abroad aswell I think, can't wait to go on holiday and do it again! You get tshirts and have to do loads of challenges then tick them off as you go which is a good laugh, I swear being a uni student seems the most fun ever! Speaking of uni, I'm currently sorting out all my UCAS stuff to apply for next September and its so scary-I'm absolutely petrified of getting rejections. Its inevitable but still! Have any of you guys applied/got any offers yet? And if your at university how do you find the workload/nightlife etc? SO exciting!
Hope you're all good and settling into A/W-gotta say I'm LOVING getting my winter coat on, nothing like feeling cosy! Will do an outfit post soon,

Molly X


  1. I love that quote too! That picture would actually be a nice tatt haha. I missed Carnage was gutted, gotta go back and see my uni pals so we can go! xxx

  2. Sounds like you've been having super fun times! My UCAS stuff still hasn't been sent off, my school are seriously slacking! All the offers will be gone by the time mine even goes, fml! xxx

  3. ahhh I keep meaning to start a Pintrest account, it all looks so pretty! And yup UCAS stuff is finally out the way for me too! Terrified of interviews, possible rejections and not getting the grades, gaaaah it's too stressful!

  4. I've literally had to pull myself away from pinterest, I get far too obsessive with things like that! I've also just sent off my UCAS, and also pretty nervous but I'm sure you'll get plenty of acceptance emails, where've you applied? :)

    // xx

  5. I'm in love with that last quote - the way it's presented in that last photo is so pretty too! <3
    Thank you for helping me out with my magazine survey a while back, as promised everyone who participated is now automatically entitled to an extra entry on my current giveaway! I hope you check it out :) Thanks again for taking the time to help me, it was so lovely!

    Ellen xx