Sunday, 28 October 2012

'No beauty is attractive without zest'

So I'm currently reading (well, casually flicking) through Christian Dior's iconic  'The Little Dictonary Of Fashion', and my favourite reference has to be to Zest on the final page. According to Dior,
 'anything you do, work or pleasure, you have to do it with zest.'
 How right he was! I am the most laid back person in the world-to the point of irration sometimes-but if you want to succeed or do anything well its impossible without putting that extra effort in: that 'zest' if you will. 
In every aspect of life those with 'zest' are achieving more-celebrities, scholars, bloggers, those in retail or customer service-the ones doing the best are striving to be original and the best they can be. As cheesey as it sounds, I find this future is going to be 'zesty' if it kills me!*

Cara Delevingne-QUEEN OF ZEST 2012

Can you guys think of any other people recently who just seem to ooze 'it' (even in a 'couldn't-care-less' way like Miss Delevingne)?

Molly X

*NOTE: I am fully aware that I sound like I'm nattering on about becoming a lemon throughout this post, apologies for any confusion...

Saturday, 27 October 2012

keep the earth below my feet

Inspiring autumn

Adoring autumn trends right now, I'm desperate for my wardrobe to be full of thick materials and rich colours. The Topshop Adonis2 boots are top of my coveting list: not sure whether to get them in black or oxblood though? The black are more timeless/versatile, but the shade pictured are so unique and 'wow' haha-Topshop are doing well with their boots this season! Love love love way too many of them! 
Also considering investing in the Louise Gray lipstick purely because its called 'legend'-sells itself really doesn't it! Oh + that tartan scarf is Topman + may actually be my first buy off this list-I've been searching for a similar one since River Island sold theirs last year (they ruined it with the stitching at the bottom, it really irratated me haha). 
What are your most lusted after items this A/W? Would love some inspiration.

Molly X
TITLE: Mumford + Sons, Below My Feet 

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

the world of molly

So I've made a new blog! I had my last one for over a year, on and off and to be honest I just got tired of picking it up again after I got lazy. However, this time I'm determined and excited to make it work! I really enjoy blogging and reading fashion/style/lifestyle blogs is something I do everyday, and recently I've felt motivated to get involved again. 
This blog will basically me a diary of my outfits and style, aswell as comments on current trends and other things of interest. If you have any other ideas of what I could do to improve 'molly's style' please let me know. 

Well this is me!

Molly X